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A Proud Kick-off: Lillie's Football Journey at Bows Soccer Girls' Academy

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As parents, my wife and I couldn't be prouder as we watch our daughter Lillie, aged 6, embark on her grassroots football journey with enthusiasm and determination. Having grown up with two football-crazy older brothers, she's no stranger to chasing a ball around the garden, and her bravery knows no bounds. With every touch of the ball and every cheer from the sidelines, we can see her love for the game blossoming.

Lillie's journey into football is not just a personal milestone; it's also a reflection of the exciting developments happening in the world of women's football. The women's game is rightfully gaining parity with its male counterpart, and while there's still progress to be made, we're taking significant strides forward. It's a source of immense pride to see Lillie, along with countless other young girls, making their mark on the pitch.

A massive thank you goes out to Ben Bowditch and the incredible coaches at Bows Soccer Academy, who have been instrumental in nurturing Lillie's passion for the beautiful game. Ben, who founded Bows Soccer after a successful career as a professional footballer, has created an environment where boys and girls of all abilities can thrive. The academy offers a blend of professionalism, fun, safety, and education, ensuring that young players can learn and develop their football skills effectively.

The coaching staff, boasting FA and UEFA licenses, bring a wealth of experience to the field, including current and former professional footballers. Their commitment to maintaining the highest standards and inspiring confidence in young players is evident in every session. Whether it's the player development centres, football holiday camps, toddler football, futsal clubs, goalkeeping centres, or football parties, the focus is on providing an exceptional football experience.

Ben's journey from a professional footballer with stints at clubs like Tottenham Hotspur, AB Copenhagen, Colchester United, and Barnet to becoming a prominent figure in youth football development is inspiring. His previous work with Chelsea FC Foundation and Pre Academy football centres in Essex demonstrates his dedication to coaching and nurturing young talent.

At NexxtGen Football, we are proud to collaborate with various football clubs and foundations, including the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, CHARS Youth FC, and TekkySessions. Our mission is to work together to support the next generation of footballing talent. As we celebrate Lillie's entry into the world of football, we're reminded that every journey, no matter how small, is a step towards a brighter future for the sport.

Best wishes,

Steve Halls

NexxtGen Football


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