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Advocating Holistic Learning through Schools' Football Week

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As we approach the highly anticipated Schools' Football Week (SFW) from February 5th to 11th, 2024, I am eagerly preparing to celebrate the profound impact of schools' football on the holistic wellbeing of pupils.

Initiated by the English Schools' FA (ESFA) in collaboration with Pro:Direct Sport, Schools' Football Week goes beyond the traditional scope of a football celebration. I believe in the transformative power of schools' football, not merely as a sport but as a catalyst for positive learning experiences for our young players.

In partnership with Pro:Direct Sport, the world's largest online specialist sports store, I emphasise the importance of making Schools' Football Week 2024 more impactful than ever. "This partnership is about creating a platform for children to learn, make friends, and develop crucial life skills through football,"

In 2023 Schools' Football Week witnessed the participation of almost a quarter of a million children from over 1,400 schools in England. I believe that these numbers, along with the support from 45% female participants and endorsements from the Department for Education (DfE) and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), underscore the growing importance of schools' football in education.

As we set our goals for 2024, I aim to engage even more schools and pupils, shedding light on the fantastic learning opportunities that football offers. "It's not just about kicking a ball; it's about creating an environment where children can explore, learn, and enjoy the beautiful game,"

Sharing Experiences and Spreading Joy

For me and NexxtGen Football, Schools' Football Week is a celebration of collective experiences that shape the lives of young players. "We want to highlight the joy that schools' football brings to children, fostering a love for the game that goes beyond competition,"

To be part of this celebration, I encourage schools to register for Schools' Football Week. "Every participation, big or small, counts. It all matters in creating something exciting and wonderful for our children,"

A Call to Action: Don't Stop at Registration

I urge schools to utilise social media to share plans and ideas, reaching out to local communities. "Your actions matter. Your support for Schools' Football Week can create a positive impact beyond the pitch,"

As we approach the event, I encourage schools to recognise the importance of their participation. "Your involvement in Schools' Football Week is a testament to the support you provide for the holistic development of our children,"

Remember to Have Fun: My Perspective

Beyond the significant social and physical benefits of schools' football, I emphasise the importance of fun. "Football is meant to be enjoyable. It's a space for children to make friends, learn new skills, and have a positive experience,"

As we collectively contribute to Schools' Football Week 2024, let's follow my lead in fostering a love for the game that transcends competition, creating a memorable celebration of learning, friendship, and the sheer joy of playing football.

Best wishes,

Steve Halls

NexxtGen Football


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