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Elevate Your Investing Experience with TickrMeter

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At NexxtGen Markets, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to TickrMeter, the ultimate tool for tracking your stock portfolio right from your desk. Whether you’re a hobbyist investor or a professional trader, TickrMeter is a game-changer, offering real-time updates and a host of features designed to keep you informed and in control.

Why We Love TickrMeter

Stock Tickers for Your Table

TickrMeter brings the excitement of the stock market directly to your workspace. It's often hailed as the second-best thing to a Bloomberg terminal, providing you with live updates on your investments.

More Than Just a Physical Ticker

TickrMeter is not just a stock ticker; it's a powerful tool that lets you watch your portfolio grow. With its sleek E-Paper display, it blends seamlessly into your surroundings, making it a stylish addition to any desk.

Set Price Alerts

One of the standout features of TickrMeter is its customisable price alerts. You can set it to flash, change colour, or beep when your set price thresholds are triggered. This ensures you never miss an important market movement.

Display Your Top - Or Worst Performers

TickrMeter allows you to automatically display your top gainer or biggest loser of the day, week, or year. This feature helps you keep track of your investments at a glance.

Track and Showcase Your Gains (or Losses)

You can track your own positions and display your portfolio gains on TickrMeter. This visual representation of your financial progress can be incredibly motivating.

Build Your Entire Portfolio

TickrMeter supports a wide range of financial instruments, including stocks, ETFs, indices, forex, commodities, and crypto. This versatility makes it an essential tool for any investor.

Non-Intrusive E-Paper Display

The E-Paper display of TickrMeter emits no light, allowing it to fall naturally into your surroundings like a framed picture. This non-intrusive design is perfect for maintaining a professional and distraction-free environment.

Imagine This

It’s January 2021, it’s cold and dark outside, and you're still working from home. Your portfolio is flying because you bought the dip. You find yourself checking your portfolio a little too often, distracting you from the important tasks at hand. That’s the setup that inspired the creation of TickrMeter.

Funded by the Community

TickrMeter was brought to life by the community, raising over $550k on Indiegogo in July 2021. It’s fully bootstrapped and designed by investors, for investors, incorporating feedback and suggestions from users to build and refine its features.

At NexxtGen Markets, we are proud to be an official partner of TickrMeter. This means we may receive a small commission for any units sold via our website. As a special offer, NexxtGen Markets customers will get FREE DELIVERY when using the code NEXXTGENMARKETS at checkout!

Visit to get yours today.

Best regards,

NexxtGen Markets | London


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