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Environment Day - help us make a difference

Today, the 5th of June, is #EnvironmentDay, the global call to action to protect our natural world. We're all in this together, and every action we take, every tree we plant, makes a difference.

Climate change is here but we don’t give up fighting. We have already planted 30,700,000 trees! And we won't stop here. Our mission is clear and we will reach it together. There's a profound sense of hope in this mission. Each tree is a step towards a greener future, a step towards healing our planet.

On this Environment Day, join us in giving trees back to the planet. Start planting with the hashtag #EnvironmentDay to be part of this movement.

Every tree counts in this fight against climate change. No action is too small; even a single tree can make a significant impact.

Happy Environment day!

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