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NexxtGen Investments announces partnership with GoodDollar

NexxtGen Investments are delighted to announce our partnership with GoodDollar. Free Money As A Public Good.

Crypto is powering the next financial revolution. Get into the game with GoodDollar, a global movement to bring economic opportunity to all. Free crypto, every day, for all who want it. Start your financial empowerment journey, and learn by doing.

Growing The Ecosystem

Inequality Plagues The World. Let’s Solve For It, Using Technology.

For too long wealth has stayed concentrated in the hands of a few without trickling down to the hands of the many.

It divides us and creates rifts in our society. We can do better.

Open and decentralized finance is driving the next major wealth boom. Are you in the game?

Empowering Anyone To Onboard Into Crypto, Start Learning, And Join The Coming Wealth Boom.

The GoodDollar protocol uses free market forces and the principles of social investing to create a stream of free digital currency.

Anyone can receive real, free reserve-backed crypto straight to your phone, so you don’t need to invest in order to participate and learn.

That is how we build a more inclusive digital economy, together.

Two Ways To Join The Movement

GoodDollar is an anti-poverty protocol and DAO that creates an ongoing money flow of digital basic income that is given away to its members. GoodDollar leverages decentralized finance financial tools to align incentives between those with money and those in need, creating more growth and opportunity for all.


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