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NexxtGen Investments partners with TickrMeter

We are delighted to announce our partnership with TickrMeter.

Stock tickers for your table - "They call it the second best thing to a Bloomberg terminal"

Watch your portfolio grow 🚀 on your desk with TickrMeter. Visualize your portfolio physically and monitor it without losing focus on what matters.

TickerMeter is a physical stock ticker display for your home and office that displays the latest prices for your current stock, crypto or forex positions.

  • Real-time Professional grade financial data with a mean latency of only 20ms

  • Crypto feed by CoinGecko

  • Stock data supplied by Nasdaq

  • Exclusive E-Ink display

  • Rechargeable Battery lasting up to 4 weeks

  • Successfully raised over $500.000 on Indiegogo

  • Recently seen on danish Shark Tank

Single and cycle mode Show a single position or make a playlist and have TickrMeter cycle between your watchlist, supported modes:

- Randomized - Daily top performer - Daily worst performer - In order

Stackable design Stack up to 10 TickrMeters and charge them all with a single cable using our patent pending magcharge system.

Set custom alerts

Make TickrMeter flash, beep or change color when hitting chosen prices.

Exclusive E-paper display E-paper emits no light and falls naturally into your surroundings - like a framed picture

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