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NexxtGen Markets: May 2024 Trading and Investment Performance Update

NexxtGen Markets Performance Report for May 2024

As we conclude May 2024, NexxtGen Markets is pleased to share our latest trading and investment performance update. Our team has navigated the volatile market landscape with strategic precision, leveraging our robust analysis and diverse investment portfolio. We are proud to report that we have finished the month with an impressive performance of +4.02%.

Market Overview:

May has been an eventful month across global financial markets, influenced by a variety of economic, political, and corporate factors. Here's a detailed look at the key developments:

  • Dow Jones: The Dow Jones Industrial Average experienced a modest increase of 1.2%, driven by strong earnings reports from major corporations, particularly in the industrial and consumer goods sectors.

  • S&P 500: The S&P 500 showed resilience, closing the month up by 1.8%, buoyed by gains in the technology and healthcare sectors.

  • Nasdaq: The Nasdaq Composite surged by 3.4%, largely due to robust performance from tech giants such as NVIDIA, which reported record-breaking quarterly earnings, significantly surpassing analysts' expectations.

  • FTSE 100: The FTSE 100 faced headwinds from Brexit-related uncertainties but managed a slight uptick of 0.7% towards the end of the month.

  • DAX: Germany's DAX index saw steady growth of 1.5%, supported by positive industrial output data and a strong performance from the automotive sector.

  • Nikkei 225: The Nikkei 225 in Japan benefited from a weaker yen, enhancing the competitive edge of its export-driven companies, closing the month up by 2.1%.

  • Hang Seng: The Hang Seng index experienced volatility amid ongoing political unrest in Hong Kong, ending the month relatively flat.

  • China 50: The China 50 index faced challenges due to regulatory crackdowns but ended the month on a positive note, up by 1.3% following stimulus measures by the Chinese government.


  • Oil: Oil prices fluctuated due to varying demand forecasts and supply chain disruptions, closing the month slightly higher by 2.5%.

  • Gold: Gold remained a safe haven for investors amid market uncertainties, maintaining its value with a slight increase of 1%.

  • Silver: Silver followed a similar trend to gold, showing a steady performance with a 1.2% rise.

  • Natural Gas: Natural gas prices saw a significant rise of 3.8% due to increased demand in the energy sector.


  • USD/JPY: The USD/JPY pair showed volatility, influenced by US economic data and Japanese monetary policy, ending the month slightly down by 0.5%.

  • USD/GBP: The USD/GBP exchange rate fluctuated, affected by economic indicators from both the US and the UK, closing the month up by 0.3%.

  • USD/EUR: The USD/EUR pair remained stable, with minor fluctuations driven by economic news from the Eurozone, closing the month flat.


The cryptocurrency market had an eventful month with significant movements:

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin faced downward pressure initially but recovered towards the end of the month, ending with a slight gain of 1.5%.

  • Ethereum: Ethereum showed resilience, closing the month up by 2.3%, with continued interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) projects.

  • Other Altcoins: Various altcoins experienced volatility, reflecting the overall sentiment in the crypto market, with some posting notable gains.

Comments from NexxtGen Markets Founder, Steve Halls:

"It has been another very interesting month. I am delighted to finish on a high with a really good return of 4.02%, but let me tell you that we were in negative figures right up until the last trading week! Highlights for me were our notable gains on NVIDIA, which reported record-breaking quarterly earnings. Additionally, our investments in Manchester United, Juventus, and Borussia Dortmund continue to show good progress. Dortmund will be playing in the Champions League final this weekend against Real Madrid, Juventus has won the Coppa Italia, and Manchester United triumphed in the FA Cup against their fierce rivals Manchester City just last weekend."

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Risk Warning:

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