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NexxtGen Technology Launches Impressive new Website for Tekky Sessions

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

NexxtGen Technology, a leader in innovative web solutions, proudly announces the successful launch of an outstanding website for their esteemed client, Tekky Sessions. This collaboration showcases NexxtGen's expertise in web design, hosting, domain registration, and content creation, delivering a stunning online platform that enhances Tekky Sessions' brand and promises to attract new customers.

A Digital Revolution for Tekky Sessions

As technology continues to revolutionise various industries, the world of football coaching and skills development is no exception. Tekky Sessions, helmed by passionate coaches Lance and JF, is renowned for its dedication to nurturing young football talent. Their commitment to excellence demanded a website that reflects their values and goals.

NexxtGen Technology took on this challenge, aiming to create a dynamic online presence for Tekky Sessions. The project encompassed everything from domain registration to full web design, ensuring a seamless experience for both Tekky Sessions and their website visitors.

An Impressive Feature Set

The new Tekky Sessions website boasts a wide array of remarkable features, designed to provide users with a captivating and informative experience. One standout feature is the integration of an interactive map, harnessing the power of Google Maps to offer guided 'Sat Nav' directions to Tekky Sessions HQ at Plumpton House in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

This interactive map simplifies navigation for parents and aspiring young footballers, making it easier than ever to find their way to Tekky Sessions' top-notch training facilities.

Delighted Clients Speak Out

Upon the launch of their new website, Tekky Sessions coaches Lance and JF expressed their heartfelt gratitude and admiration for the work completed by NexxtGen Technology.

"We couldn't be more thrilled with our amazing new website," remarked Lance. "NexxtGen Technology has not only met but exceeded our expectations. This website greatly enhances our brand, and we believe it will undoubtedly attract new customers who share our passion for football development."

JF echoed Lance's sentiments, adding, "The attention to detail and dedication NexxtGen Technology put into this project is truly remarkable. Our website now serves as a beacon for young football enthusiasts looking to refine their skills. We're confident that it will lead to exciting opportunities for both Tekky Sessions and the talented individuals we work with."

A Bright Future

NexxtGen Technology is proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing Tekky Sessions' vision to life. This successful collaboration reflects NexxtGen's commitment to excellence and innovation in web design and development. As Tekky Sessions continues to inspire and train the football stars of tomorrow, their impressive online presence will undoubtedly help them reach even greater heights.

For more information about NexxtGen Technology and their web design and development services, visit

To explore Tekky Sessions' new website and learn more about their football coaching programs, visit

For inquiries or further information, please contact:

Steve Halls

NexxtGen Technology


Phone: +44 7827 859 212


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