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Protect your pet with a GPS tracker

Meet the world's most trusted GPS tracker for pets.

Real-time GPS Pet Tracking

Tractive's live GPS tracking means your furry friend's safety—and your peace of mind.

Even the best trained pet can get lost—Tractive helps you keep your buddy safe.

Know where they are 24/7

The core feature on all Tractive Cat and Dog Trackers? GPS pet tracking. So you can see where your dog or cat is any time. From the moment your tracker's turned on, you get regular location updates. Based on where your furry friend is and how active they are at any given moment, see their position updated automatically with the most accurate GPS location available.

"I lost track of my dog, turned on LIVE and found her within minutes. She was stuck and couldn't move. Without Tractive, I wouldn't have found her—I think it saved her life!"


The right GPS pet tracker could save your pet's life

Can you track your dog with a microchip?

It's a common myth that you can track your dog with a dog GPS tracking chip. But microchips are too small to contain any GPS tracking technology. They are only ID chips that help identify lost dogs and their parents. A GPS pet tracker is the only way you can actively track your dog in real-time.

Can I track my pet with an AirTag?

Some pet parents consider adding an Apple AirTag to their pet's collar to track them. While it may be a good backup locator, keep in mind that AirTag was built for tracking items, not living beings. And AirTags may not work in areas with no other Apple users nearby.

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