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Trading and Investment Update from NexxtGen Markets

Updated: Apr 26

As the financial landscape evolves, we at NexxtGen Markets remain committed to delivering timely updates on our trading and investment activities. Here's a snapshot of our current portfolio and strategic approach:

Portfolio Composition: Our portfolio reflects a well-balanced mix of assets, comprising indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. We believe in diversification as a key strategy for managing risk and capturing opportunities across various market segments.

Cash Reserves Allocation: Maintaining liquidity is paramount in today's volatile market environment. Currently, we hold approximately 40% of our portfolio in cash reserves, ready to deploy capital opportunistically. This strategic reserve provides us with the flexibility to capitalise on emerging trends and navigate market fluctuations effectively.

Trading Indices for Profit: Indices continue to be a focal point of our trading strategy. We actively trade renowned indices such as the Nasdaq 100, the Dow Jones 30, and the Japanese Nikkei 225. These indices offer exposure to diverse sectors and global economic trends, allowing us to capitalise on both long and short-term opportunities. Leveraging our expertise, we employ leverage selectively to amplify returns while managing associated risks diligently.

Navigating the Commodities Market: Commodities play a vital role in our portfolio, with a focus on gold and oil. Gold remains a preferred safe-haven asset amid economic uncertainty, while oil's significance in global markets underscores its potential for trading opportunities. Our approach to commodities trading involves comprehensive analysis of supply-demand dynamics, geopolitical factors, and economic indicators to inform our investment decisions.

Exploring the Crypto Space: Cryptocurrencies represent an exciting frontier in our portfolio. While our exposure to this asset class is moderate, we maintain positions in promising cryptocurrencies such as Fetch AI (FET), 0x (ZRX), and Doge. The crypto market's volatility and innovation present unique opportunities for growth and diversification. We closely monitor market developments and technological advancements to capitalise on emerging trends.

Long-Term Investments in Football Stocks: In addition to trading traditional assets, we hold long-term investments in football (soccer) stocks, reflecting our passion for sports and belief in their long-term growth potential. Our portfolio includes renowned clubs such as Manchester United, Juventus, and Borussia Dortmund. These investments align with our strategic vision and commitment to capturing opportunities across diverse industries.

Join NexxtGen Markets on eToro: For investors seeking to follow our trading activity, we invite you to join us on eToro. By visiting, you can automatically copy our trades and benefit from our insights and expertise. However, it's essential to recognise the inherent risks associated with investing, including the potential for losses. Through our partnership with eToro, we aim to provide value to our followers and may receive a small commission for anyone joining eToro via our website.

At NexxtGen Markets, we remain dedicated to navigating the complexities of the financial markets and delivering value to our investors. Our proactive approach, disciplined risk management, and commitment to innovation position us for continued success in today's dynamic landscape. Join us on eToro to embark on a journey of strategic investing and potential growth opportunities.


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