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A Week in the Life of a Grassroots Football Coach

The life of a grassroots football coach is a labour of love, a dedication to nurturing young talents, and a commitment to the beautiful game. For those who think it's just a matter of showing up on matchdays and giving a pep talk, let me take you through a typical week in the life of a grassroots football coach. You'll soon see that it's not just "a couple of days a week" – it's a full-time job and so much more.

Monday: Planning and Strategy

The week kicks off with planning and strategy. I spend my Monday reviewing the previous weekend's matches, analysing the strengths and weaknesses of our teams, and identifying areas that need improvement. It's a day for tactical discussions, setting goals, and fine-tuning our training plans.

Tuesday and Thursday: Training Sessions with CHARS Youth FC

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm on the field with CHARS Youth FC, dedicated to shaping young talents and fostering their love for the game. These are days for crafting engaging drills, designing activities, and tailoring each training session to meet the specific needs of our players.

Wednesday: Administrative Work and FA 'Introduction to Coaching Football' Qualification

Midweek, I'm immersed in administrative tasks. These include updating websites or the various mobile apps we use and communicating with parents and coaching staff. It's also a day to focus on my own development as I work hard towards completing my FA 'Introduction to Coaching Football' qualification.

Friday: Pre-Match Preparations

As the weekend approaches, it's time for pre-match preparations. I focus on team talks, motivation, and tactics to ensure the team is ready to give their best on matchday. It's also an opportunity to address any last-minute concerns or questions from the players.

Saturday: Match Day

Matchday is the culmination of the week's hard work. On Saturday, I'm not just a coach but a motivator, strategist, and, at times, a shoulder to lean on. It's about guiding the team, adapting to the game as it unfolds, and fostering a positive team spirit.

Sunday: Training, Player Evaluations and Tekky Sessions

Another early start, the kids have a swimming session at 08:30 and then it's off to a CHARS training session at 10am and it has been known for our Sunday training to last up to two hours. The week winds down with player evaluations on Sunday evening where I look at the development of each player, providing constructive feedback and encouragement. This one-on-one approach is invaluable for their growth and boosts their self-confidence. Sundays also mean Tekky Sessions, where I work with young talents on honing their skills and fostering their passion for the sport.

Beyond the Clock

While this provides a glimpse into a coach's weekly routine, it's essential to note that the role goes beyond the clock. It's about being there for the players, the parents and club staff, offering guidance and support, and instilling values like discipline, respect, and teamwork. It's about nurturing a love for the game that lasts a lifetime.

Being a grassroots football coach is not a part-time gig. It's a commitment to shaping young minds, fostering talent, and creating an environment where every child has the opportunity to flourish. It's a labor of love, and every moment invested in this journey is worth it when you witness the growth and joy of the players you've had the privilege to coach.

Best wishes,

Steve Halls

NexxtGen Football


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