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Another Tekky Session Triumph with NexxtGen Football!

Thank you @tekkysessions & @charsyouthfc

The pursuit of excellence never stops at NexxtGen Football, and our latest Tekky Session was another masterclass in football development.

Archie and Freddie's Scanning Challenge

We kicked things off with Archie and Freddie, who continued their journey of honing the art of scanning. Timing and frequency are key, and the boys dived into this exercise with gusto. We started by having them play the ball off the wall, but here's the twist: no scanning until that ball kissed the wall. Once it did, they turned, looked over their shoulder, and swiftly called out the colour on the mannequin.

Later in the session, the boys unleashed their La Croqueta's and Zidane turns, moves they had been perfecting during the week. But, to spice things up, Coach Lance threw them a challenge – add a bit of Cruyff magic into the mix. The session not only sharpened their skills but also got them thinking, making sound judgments, and pushing their football boundaries. Needless to say, Archie and Freddie had a blast working with Coach Lance.

CHARS Youth U11 Squad Joins the Action

An hour later, we were back, this time with six lucky members of the CHARS Youth U11 squad. The name of the game? Awareness and ball mastery. Once Coach Lance had the lads warmed up, they were thrown into a series of challenges designed to test their dribbling, ball control, and overall skills.

The secret sauce? LED colour panels attached to mannequins that kept them on their toes and razor-sharp. The boys tackled the challenges with passion and determination, and the session was a resounding success.

A massive thanks to Coach Lance, whose expertise and passion have become synonymous with Tekky Sessions, for another fantastic day of development. Now, our CHARS Youth U11 squad is ready to put their newly acquired skills to the test against Ware Youth. Come on, you young lads, show them what you've got!

The Tekky Sessions Revolution

These Tekky Sessions are a testament to our commitment to nurturing young talent and helping them become the best they can be. To learn more about Tekky Sessions and to book your very own session, head over to The journey of excellence continues, and you can be a part of it! COYC – Come On You CHARS!!!

Best wishes,

Steve Halls

NexxtGen Football


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