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Elevating Football Awareness with Tekky Sessions

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Isaac, Joshua, and Freddie embarked on an extraordinary football journey during their recent visit to Tekky Sessions, under the expert guidance of Coach Lance. This particular session delved deep into the nuances of football awareness, with a primary focus on scanning the field. The trio had the opportunity to heighten their football IQ, and they did so with flair.

The heart of today's Tekky Session was undoubtedly the concept of awareness. Coach Lance, always a pioneer in innovative coaching methods, introduced a unique approach that included the use of different coloured LED lights to enhance the boys' awareness on the field. Each of our young football enthusiasts was assigned a specific colour, and this colour was attached to a mannequin. However, there was a twist – the colours would constantly change, challenging our players to be perpetually vigilant about when and where their designated colour would appear.

Points were awarded to the players every time they successfully located and reached their designated colour in time. In a tightly contested battle of wits and speed, Joshua emerged as the champion, demonstrating an exceptional level of awareness. Kudos to Joshua for his impressive performance!

But that's not all; the Tekky Session also included a generous dose of passing drills. Our boys engaged in passing sequences, including passes against the wall. This exercise required them to not only judge the power needed to deliver an accurate pass but also to allocate precious moments for scanning. Scanning, in football, means the crucial act of looking over one's shoulder to assess the field's conditions before receiving the ball. This skill is invaluable in real match situations and is a fundamental aspect of any elite footballer's repertoire.

In addition to these valuable skills, the session also featured a pressing exercise, which was designed to help the boys understand the art of coordinated defensive pressure. While this aspect was briefly touched upon, it's important to note that pressing is a pivotal aspect of modern football tactics. Players need to know when and how to close down their opponents effectively, and Tekky Sessions ensured that this vital skill was part of the day's learning experience.

The session culminated with an awareness-based shooting drill, honing the boys' ability to remain aware of the goal, the goalkeeper's position, and the best moment to take their shot. It was a comprehensive training program designed to enhance their overall football awareness.

Isaac, Joshua, and Freddie relished every moment of their Tekky Session experience and are eagerly looking forward to their next opportunity to learn and grow as footballers. The dedication and expertise of Coach Lance, combined with the innovation of the Tekky Sessions team, have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on our young players' development.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Lance and the entire Tekky Sessions team for their commitment to shaping the future of football through cutting-edge training methods. For more information and to join the Tekky Sessions movement, visit their website at Your journey to football excellence begins here.

Train hard, play easy, have fun!

Best wishes

Steve Halls

NexxtGen Football


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