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NexxtGen Football: Anticipation Builds for Exciting Tekky Sessions

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On this grey and dreary morning, my excitement is building for what promises to be a thrilling afternoon of "NexxtGen Football" at TekkySessions. The clock is ticking, and at 4:30pm, Archie and Freddie are set to take to the pitch, guided by the ever-passionate and knowledgeable Coach Lance. It's a time for them to dive deep into the world of football, refine their skills, and build the foundation for a promising future in the sport.

Archie and Freddie's Session at 4:30pm

Under Coach Lance's expert guidance, Archie and Freddie are in for a treat. They'll be exploring the finer details of the game, working on their dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques. It's a session filled with learning and fun, a blend that's essential for every young footballer.

CHARS Youth u11 Boys: A First "Small Group Session"

In the evening, the spotlight shifts to the CHARS Youth u11 boys. This will be a unique "small group session". We have six talented u11 players attending, and it promises to be an exciting experience. The intimate setting allows for more personalised attention and targeted coaching.

As I take a front-row seat to witness this session up close, I'm eager to see what Coach Lance has in store for these young players. His coaching style is a perfect blend of motivation, encouragement, and tactical insights. The CHARS u11 boys are in capable hands, and I'm certain they'll come out of the session with a wealth of new knowledge and skills.

The Power of Tekky Sessions

Tekky Sessions have always been a source of inspiration and growth at NexxtGen Football. They provide the ideal platform for players to elevate their game, embrace the nuances of football, and explore the limitless possibilities that the sport offers.

As we embark on another day filled with Tekky Sessions, I'm reminded of the incredible journey of development that young players like Archie, Freddie, and the CHARS u11 boys are on. It's a journey marked by dedication, hard work, and the unwavering support of coaches and mentors.

I can't help but feel immense pride in being a part of this process, as it's here, on the training ground, where dreams take shape, and futures are forged. The future of football looks brighter with each session, and I'm excited to be a witness to the talent and dedication that unfolds on the pitch.

So, let's get ready for another fantastic day of Tekky Sessions, where skills are sharpened, passions are fuelled, and the love for football continues to flourish.

Best wishes

Steve Halls

NexxtGen Football


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