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NexxtGen Football Proudly Supports Tekky Sessions: Shaping the Future of Young Footballers

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

In the world of sports, the journey to success often begins with a few fundamental principles: dedication, discipline, and exceptional coaching. NexxtGen Football is delighted to stand behind the incredible work being done by Tekky Sessions and their dedicated coaches, Lance and JF, who are making a significant impact on the development of young footballers.

Tekky Sessions is more than just a coaching platform; it's a hub of excellence where aspiring footballers can hone their skills, unlock their potential, and dream big. With a strong commitment to nurturing talent and instilling a love for the beautiful game, Lance and JF have become torchbearers for youth football development.

What Sets Tekky Sessions Apart?

At Tekky Sessions, the focus goes beyond merely teaching the basics of football. Lance and JF are passionate about imparting a wide range of essential skills that equip young players with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive football landscape.

  1. Technical Mastery: Tekky Sessions is dedicated to developing the technical skills of young footballers. From dribbling and passing to shooting and ball control, every aspect of the game is meticulously taught and practiced.

  2. Tactical Understanding: Understanding the tactical nuances of football is crucial. Lance and JF go the extra mile to ensure that players grasp the intricacies of positioning, teamwork, and strategy.

  3. Mental Toughness: Football is not just about physical prowess; it's also about mental strength. Tekky Sessions helps players build resilience, focus, and a winning mentality.

  4. Physical Conditioning: To excel on the field, players need to be in peak physical condition. Tekky Sessions incorporates fitness and conditioning drills into their training programs.

  5. Fun and Enjoyment: Football is meant to be fun, and Tekky Sessions ensures that players enjoy every moment of their training while nurturing their passion for the game.

Contact Tekky Sessions:

If you're eager to explore the transformative coaching offered by Tekky Sessions, you can reach out to Lance and JF at 07508 914 839 or visit

A State-of-the-Art Indoor Football Studio:

Exciting news for Tekky Sessions and young football enthusiasts—their brand-new, state-of-the-art indoor football studio is now open at Plumpton Road, Hoddesdon EN11 0LB. This cutting-edge facility provides the ideal environment for players to train, learn, and refine their skills, regardless of the weather conditions.

NexxtGen Football is proud to support Tekky Sessions in their mission to nurture the next generation of football stars. With dedicated coaches like Lance and JF leading the way, young footballers can look forward to a bright future filled with opportunities to grow, learn, and excel on the field.


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