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Revolutionise Football Strategy with the NexxtGen Football LCD Tactics Board

In the fast-paced world of modern football, tactical innovation and precision are key. Managers and coaches are constantly seeking cutting-edge tools to devise match-winning strategies, sketch out inventive set-piece routines, and create detailed training plans.

The NexxtGen Football LCD Tactics Board, in partnership with Amazon, emerges as a game-changing solution. This innovative device empowers coaches to jot down tactics and plays with ease, safe from accidental deletion, and when ready, to erase and start anew. It's a technological marvel that's set to transform the way teams prepare and strategise for success on the field.

The Remarkable Features of the NexxtGen Football LCD Tactics Board

At its core, the NexxtGen Football LCD Tactics Board is designed to simplify the process of tactical planning for coaches and managers across the football spectrum. Whether you're managing an elite squad or a grassroots team, this board promises to be your ultimate companion.

Paperless Writing Tablet: A Coach's Dream

Central to this exceptional tool is the paperless writing tablet, which serves as a reusable notebook. It is ideal for jotting down match-day strategies, substitutions, training plans, and more. You can even use it for making notes, marking up documents, or sketching out creative ideas. The Blackboard reusable notebook in Note size comes equipped with a semi-transparent writing tablet that boasts remarkable features such as Instant Erase, Exact-Erase, and Erase-Lock. This makes it incredibly user-friendly and adaptable to various coaching scenarios.

The dimensions of the LCD Tactics Board are perfectly designed for practical use, with an expandable size of 37.20 x 30.30 x 1.7cm (14.64'' x 11.93'' x 0.67''). Weighing just 0.562 kg, it's incredibly lightweight and portable.

Unmatched Realism and Durability

The NexxtGen Football LCD Tactics Board distinguishes itself with its attention to detail and durability. It achieves a 100% simulation of the football field, making it easy for coaches to visualise strategies and communicate their ideas effectively. The colourful and intuitive interface ensures that discussions about tactics are smooth and comfortable.

Moreover, this versatile board can be used as both a hand-held coaching aid or a wall-mounted board, allowing coaches to present their strategies and game plans in a way that suits their coaching style.

Easy-to-Use Erase Features

The NexxtGen Football LCD Tactics Board offers precision when it comes to erasing. The Exact-Erase function allows you to erase only what you want, ensuring that your tactics remain intact until you decide otherwise. The Erase-Lock feature is perfect for keeping your valuable insights safe from accidental deletion. To clear the writing tablet completely, a simple press of the button on top of the tablet activates RoseFlower Board's unique Quick Clear technology, making it a breeze to start fresh.

Stylish, Portable, and Secure

Apart from its functionality, the NexxtGen Football LCD Tactics Board boasts a stylish design. Its folding design includes built-in magnetic and zipper features, providing double protection to prevent accessories from getting lost. It's lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry to matches, training sessions, or even to store when not in use.

The NexxtGen Football LCD Tactics Board is an extraordinary addition to the arsenal of football coaches and managers. With its innovative features, stunning realism, and user-friendly design, it's set to revolutionise the way strategies are planned and communicated in the football world. So, embrace the future of tactical preparation and elevate your team's performance.

And remember, when you purchase this fantastic tool through NexxtGen Football's partnership with Amazon, you're helping "keep the lights on" and supporting our ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch football solutions.

Happy coaching!

Steve Halls

NexxtGen Football


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