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Scouting Report: Santiago Gimenez – A Rising Star in the World of Football

In the world of football, comparisons are inevitable, and the term "The Next [Insert Football Star's Name]" is often thrown around. But as someone deeply involved in the game, I've always believed that players are unique in their own right. Santiago Gimenez, the young Argentine forward who has been turning heads, is a prime example of this.


Santiago Gimenez, often referred to as "The Next Harry Kane," has captured the imagination of fans and scouts alike. I've been keeping a close eye on his development, and it's clear that he possesses qualities that are distinctly his own.

Assets and Playing Style

At just 22 years old, Santiago Gimenez boasts an impressive skill set that sets him apart. He possesses a natural ability to find the back of the net, an attribute that has led to favourable comparisons with Kane. But let's not be too quick to label him. Santiago is more than just a goal scorer; he's a versatile forward who combines strength, pace, and a keen footballing brain to make an impact on the pitch.

Current Form

Gimenez's current form is nothing short of remarkable. Whether it's in his club colours or the iconic blue and white of the Argentine national team, he's been making waves. His ability to hold up the ball, create space for his teammates, and execute clinical finishes has left defences scrambling. And, perhaps most importantly, he's showing signs of maturity beyond his years. In modern football, where youngsters often shoulder immense pressure, Santiago appears unfazed, maintaining a level of composure that belies his age.

From Humble Beginnings to Stardom

Santiago Gimenez's journey to this point has been marked by dedication and hard work. He began his career at Club Atlético Huracán, a club known for nurturing emerging talent. His time there served as the foundation for what would follow. With a burning desire to excel, he moved to Mexico to join Cruz Azul, where he rapidly rose through the ranks.

Gimenez played a pivotal role in Feyenoord's Dutch title triumph last season, showcasing his scoring prowess with 15 league goals in 32 appearances. He continued to shine in other competitions, adding eight more goals in both the Europa League and Dutch cup, although Feyenoord narrowly missed out on securing silverware in those tournaments.

The current season has seen Gimenez reach new heights, with an astounding 15 goals in just 11 games. His remarkable form includes a memorable brace when Feyenoord stunned Lazio with a 3-1 victory in the Champions League.

What's truly impressive is that the Mexican international has surpassed the goal-scoring records of world-class talents like Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe this campaign. Unsurprisingly, this outstanding performance has piqued the interest of major clubs, including Tottenham, Manchester United, and Real Madrid, all closely monitoring his progress.

International Recognition

Gimenez's performances have not gone unnoticed on the international stage. Representing Argentina at youth levels, he has showcased his potential to become a future star for the senior national team. While comparisons to the greats are flattering, it's Santiago's unique qualities and commitment to improvement that set him on his own path.

The Verdict

I've recently completed the FA's "Introduction to Talent Identification in Football", so if I were a scout then of course the aim is to recognise talent and potential, and Santiago Gimenez is a player with an abundance of both. While the comparisons to Harry Kane are certainly flattering, it's important to remember that every player is unique and brings their own flair to the beautiful game.

Santiago Gimenez is not "The Next Anyone"; he's Santiago Gimenez. His journey, his skills, and his future are entirely his own. As he continues to make waves in the world of football, I have no doubt that we are witnessing the emergence of a unique talent – a young star who has the potential to create a legacy all his own. Football fans, stay tuned, because Santiago Gimenez is a name you won't want to forget.

Steve Halls

NexxtGen Football



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